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Vampire Diaries Sixx

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Vampire Diaries Sixx

In der letzten Folge von Staffel 8 der Serie Vampire Diaries wird es dramatisch, tränenreich und aufregend. Sixx zeigt die letzte Folge im Rahmen der "Mystery. Schon oft haben wir über “Legacies” berichtet, nun kommt das “Vampire Diaries”-​Spin-Off auch endlich zu uns, nach Deutschland. Wann startet Staffel 1 von "Legacies" auf SIXX? Das neue Spin-off wird im Gegensatz zu seinen Vorreitern "The Vampire Diaries" und "The.

Elena, Damon und Stefan in Runde 6

Wann startet Staffel 1 von "Legacies" auf SIXX? Das neue Spin-off wird im Gegensatz zu seinen Vorreitern "The Vampire Diaries" und "The. Nach acht Staffeln, fast acht Jahren und genau Folgen geht eine Serien-Ära zu Ende: Die letzte Episode von „Vampire Diaries“ lief in. Schon oft haben wir über “Legacies” berichtet, nun kommt das “Vampire Diaries”-​Spin-Off auch endlich zu uns, nach Deutschland.

Vampire Diaries Sixx The Vampire Diaries auf Sixx Video

[Lyrics+Vietsub] SKIN -Sixx A.M /The Vampire Diaries OST

Staffel 5. Vampire Diaries Das Beste aus Staffel 5! In Staffel 5 von "Vampire Diaries" versuchen sich Elena und Caroline am normalen College-Leben, doch es will einfach nicht klappen.

Staffel 6. Vampire Diaries Das Beste aus Staffel 6! Staffel 7. Vampire Diaries Die schönsten Szenen aus Staffel 7 Um euer "Vampire Diaries" Wissen wieder etwas aufzufrischen, bevor die finale Staffel startet, gibt es hier die schönsten Szenen aus der 7.

Staffel 8. Vampire Diaries Die besten Szenen aus Staffel 8 Die letzte Staffel "Vampire Diaries" war extrem spannend und emotional.

Verabschiedet euch mit den besten Szenen von eurer Lieblingsserie. Meistgesehene Videos. Legacies Julie Plec bestätigt Ian Somerhalders und Nina Dobrevs Gastauftritt in Legacies min.

Vampire Diaries Nikki Reed ersetzt Nina Dobrev als Elena min. Vampire Diaries Endlich Klaroline! Vampire Diaries Vampire Diaries Finale: Das sollte im Brief von Klaus an Caroline stehen min.

Vampire Diaries So spannend wird die letzte Folge! Vampire Diaries Das perfekte erste Mal! Vampire Diaries Eine starke Bindung min.

Legacies Legacies Spoiler: Hopes Ex Roman taucht auf dem "Miss Mystic Falls"-Ball auf min. Style Hat "Vampire Diaries"-Star Paul Wesley geheiratet?

Legacies Legacies: Noch ein alt Bekannter soll wiederkehren min. Legacies Legacies Spoiler : Alarics tote Verlobte Jo taucht auf min.

Legacies Legacies Spoiler: In Folge 3 gibt es einen Gastauftritt von Jeremy Gilbert min. Legacies Legacies: Erste Folge erinnert an Vampire Diaries min.

Legacies Bezug auf "Vampire Diaries": "Legacies" übernimmt eine wichtige Tradition min. Style Wird sie die neue Liebe von Alaric Saltzman?

Legacies "Legacies": Der erste Trailer zum "TO"-Spin-off min. Legacies "Legacies": Julie Plec über "TVD"-Gastauftritte min. Style "TVD"-Star Paul Wesley ist frisch verliebt min.

Style Paul Wesley spielt in "Tell Me A Story" mit min. Style Kim Cattrall spielt in Fantasy-Thriller mit min. Alles anzeigen mehr anzeigen.

Wir schwelgen zusammen in Erinnerungen:. Vampire Diaries Best of Liebe bei TVD min. Vampire Diaries Stars blicken zurück min.

Vampire Diaries Die beste Szene aus dem Finale! Legacies - das Vampire Diaries Spin-Off. Mehr erfahren.

Die spannendsten Highlights aus Staffel 8. Vampire Diaries Erschreckende Neuigkeiten von Sybil min. Vampire Diaries Damon kämpft gegen Sybils Kontrolle min.

Vampire Diaries Wen wird Damon dem Teufel opfern? Vampire Diaries Tötet Damon Bonnie? Vampire Diaries Stefan testet Damons Menschlichkeit min. Vampire Diaries Damon kommt nicht mit seinen Gefühlen klar min.

Vampire Diaries Wird sich Damon gegen Sybil wehren? Vampire Diaries Gefährliche Juni-Hochzeit min.

Vampire Diaries Damon ruiniert Tylers Beerdigung! Vampire Diaries Damon sprengt das Weihnachtsfest min. Vampire Diaries Geht Selines Plan auf?

Vampire Diaries Wird Elena sterben? Vampire Diaries Wird Kai den Fluch von Elena nehmen? Vampire Diaries Vorschau: Tod dem Teufel min.

Vampire Diaries Abschied von Stefan? Interviews mit den TVD-Stars über Staffel 8. Vampire Diaries Im Interview mit Zach Roerig min. Vampire Diaries Im Interview mit Paul Wesley min.

The patient is feeling alright again so Caroline and Stefan rush back to Mystic Falls. In the school, Kai tricks Damon to stab Elena and goes after Jo.

Alaric and Jeremy come in to save Jo just in time and they decide to keep Kai under sedative. Once back home, Caroline reveals to her mother that only vampire blood can heal her and puts some in her tea.

The episode ends with the patient slowly dying in a brutal way, just while Liz is drinking Caroline's blood, with whom she now believes can be saved.

Caroline is woken up by Colin, the patient she gave her blood to. Stefan and Caroline learn that he has become a vampire.

Liv and Luke's father arrives to celebrate their birthday. They propose him to avoid the merge because none of them wants the other to die.

In the hospital, Caroline and Stefan realize that Colin is a vampire but is not cured of his cancer. The tumor expanded and while he is a vampire, he can still feel the pain of the tumor growing.

Caroline's mom realises that she will go through the same as Caroline fed her her blood. Jo suggests a full blood transfusion but it fails.

Tyler, who now knows the twins are ready for the merge as they are 22 years old , tries to wake Kai up, but is stopped by Damon.

Kai helps Liz taking all the magic from her body but with the condition that the merge is set for that night. Meanwhile, Liz is having a heart attack and Elena is helping her.

Mr Parker deceives the twins and begins to merge them, but Tyler comes just in time and hits him. Luke promises Liv he will come back and go and look for Kai.

Kai and Jo begin the merge, although she is not ready yet. Luke stops the merge and convinces Kai to do it with him. Damon compels a doctor to save Liz's life, but she dies.

Caroline arrives in that moment and cries on her mother's body. Before dying, Liz has a vision in which she sees her daughter with a bloody face, and then mysteriously wakes up.

After the merge, Jo witnesses Luke and Kai fainting. While Jo is crying and holding her brother in her arms, he dies and she realizes that Kai has won the merge.

It is Bonnie's birthday, and Jeremy doesn't want to celebrate but is convinced by Damon and Elena to do so. The three of them attempt to piece the broken ascendant back together in attempt to send Bonnie a message, but they have a disturbing realization.

Bonnie can't take the solitude anymore and is planning to commit suicide. With Kai's help, Jeremy enters the world to try to stop Bonnie, who is in the garage and starting to poison herself with gas from the car.

While saying goodbye to her friends via video, Bonnie realizes that she can't give up yet but is too weak to open the garage door and save herself.

Jeremy manages to open the door, and Bonnie survives. Meanwhile, Stefan uncovers a secret about his great-niece Sarah Salvatore while Enzo wants to interfere with help from Matt for an alternate motive.

Caroline is trying to cope with the hardships in her life, especially her mother's illness, so Stefan keeps a close eye on her.

Lastly, Jeremy contemplates leaving Mystic Falls for good and realizes it might be time to move on with his life. With help from Elena and Damon, Jeremy graduates high school months earlier and is leaving town to go to art school.

Caroline, on the other hand has Stefan help her surprise her mother with a vacation while the sheriff is with Damon attempting to solve an old unsolved case: the Gilberts' accident.

Elena and Jeremy get stoned together while bonding and talking about their old memories. Matt is still being blackmailed by Enzo, but he is starting to develop feelings for Sarah.

Enzo calls Matt and threatens to kill Jeremy, who he has pinned down, unless Matt takes Sarah to a certain tunnel. Matt reluctantly goes on a walk with Sarah to the tunnel, and Enzo purposely hits Matt with a car.

While Sarah panics, Enzo tells her to stay calm and gives Matt some of his blood. As Jeremy leaves, it is revealed that he lied and instead of going to art school, he is going to go hunt vampires and Alaric is the only one who knows about it.

Meanwhile, Liz realizes that the events surrounding the Gilberts' accident were natural and that she had been hoping for a supernatural reason so she could have someone to blame.

Stefan and Caroline are setting up Liz's room together and the two of them kiss on the porch. Liz's condition rapidly deteriorates and she has to go back to the hospital, where she lies unconscious.

Caroline rushes to the hospital and is upset because she didn't get to say goodbye, but Stefan helps her by suggesting that she goes inside her mom's mind, which is what she does and with that the Sheriff dies.

Bonnie has her magic back thanks to Damon's message and is planning to return home that night. Kai is dying because he merged with Luke instead of Jo.

He tells Jo that unless she gives him her magic, they and the rest of the coven will die and the prison worlds will collapse. Meanwhile, Damon is struggling to write Liz a eulogy and is having flashbacks to his mother's funeral.

He also tells Caroline that it will only get harder for her later after everyone expects her to move on. Before Liz's funeral, Caroline tries to ask Stefan how he feels about her, but he responds by saying that he'll talk to her about it later.

The funeral takes place: Damon gives the eulogy, Caroline sings, and the police honor Liz one last time.

The moving display prompts Matt to get an application to join the police for both himself and Tyler, who has been drinking heavily since his breakup with Liv.

Jo decides to give Kai her magic, and as this is taking place, Bonnie's prison world shifts in and out of the Salvatore home in , when the aurora borealis was taking place.

Right before she is about to return home, she sees a woman who asks her who she is, but before she can learn more, she returns to the normal world.

Kai feels healthy after receiving Jo's magic, but before he leaves, he tells her that she is pregnant.

Alaric proposes to her, telling her that he had already been planning to propose before the news, and she accepts.

After Liz's funeral, Caroline returns home, but Elena follows her and confronts her after realizing that Caroline plans to turn off her humanity to stop her pain and prevent what Damon warned her about.

Caroline decides to go through with it anyway and breaks Elena's neck. Stefan realizes that what he feels for Caroline could turn into something deeper and goes to her house, but he sees Elena lying on the ground.

Damon reunites with Bonnie, and when Bonnie shows him the video she accidentally took while she was escaping, Damon realizes that the woman Bonnie saw was his mother.

Ian Somerhalder. After switching off her humanity, Caroline makes out with Liam outside of a bar and feeds off of him. She tells Bonnie and Elena that she will avoid killing anyone if they give her a year to live freely without her pain, and they initially agree.

Kai refuses to give Damon information about his mother unless he helps Kai apologize to Bonnie in order to alleviate Kai's guilt. Caroline invites Liam and Enzo to a rave, and Elena, Bonnie, and Stefan come to confront Caroline.

Damon calls Bonnie, but after she refuses to talk to Kai, Damon and Kai show up and Kai attempts to apologize to her. Bonnie is coping with traumatic memories from her time in the prison world and is furious with Damon for forcing her to see Kai, who she believes is lying.

After using her magic to punish Damon by forcing him to endure the wounds that Kai inflicted on her, she realizes that her experiences have changed her and finally calls Jeremy, telling him that she needs time to work things out.

Stefan admits his feelings to Caroline and begs her to switch on her humanity; for a moment Caroline wavers and he knows that there is a chance to bring back the old Caroline.

Kai reveals that Damon's mother is a vampire and was imprisoned by the Gemini coven after she faked her own death and went on a worldwide killing spree.

In retaliation for Stefan's attempt to break through to her, Caroline kidnaps Sarah Salvatore and compels Liam to perform 'surgery' on her in the form of removing her organs.

She tells Stefan that she will spare Sarah's life if Stefan turns off his humanity. Elena manages to stop Liam from cutting out Sarah's heart just as Stefan agrees to Caroline's demands and shuts off his humanity.

After the previous night, Sarah is being kept in the hospital. Alaric and Jo contemplate baby names. Jo tells Alaric to be a father for 18 years and then he can run around killing vampires.

Meanwhile, Kai and Bonnie take Damon and Elena to the prison world to get the Salvatore's mother. Bonnie says she will find the ascendant but ends up hurting Kai so he can feel the pain she felt.

When they are about to go back to real time, Kai gets left behind because Bonnie wants him to feel loneliness. With both of their humanities off, Caroline and Stefan feed on a girl and afterwards have sex.

After Bonnie interrupts Damon and Elena's make out session, she forgives him and gives him the Cure to Vampirism. Caroline and Stefan have still switched off their humanity.

They are terrorizing and killing the people at Whitmore's. Matt and Tyler are being tortured by them, Matt ends up in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Elena and Damon are having a pleasant morning. They're enjoying breakfast made by Lily. Damon has come up with a plan to bring Stefan and Caroline back which involves Lily the Salvatore's mother convincing Stefan to turn his humanity back on and then Stefan can convince Caroline to switch it back on too.

Enzo has taken Sarah from the hospital and tries to bring her to the Salvatore house, but when he sees Lily, he runs away in shock.

Turns out that when Enzo was living in South Hampton, he was suffering from consumption until he met Lily, who fed him with vampire blood so then after he died of consumption he became a vampire.

In the present day, Lily tells Damon that she will help him to bring back Stefan but in return he has to give her the ascendant so she can bring her "other family" back.

When Lily and Damon go to the school bar, she says just the right words to get Stefan to flip his switch even though Damon told her exactly what to say.

Now Stefan has to track down Caroline and get her to flip the switch, too. Back at the hospital, Matt refuses Elena's blood. Once he's stitched up by conventional medicine, he talks to Elena about how much he hates vampires and doesn't want to rely on them.

Finally, Damon and Elena talk about life and how Elena misses being human and she's sad because of the fact that she is a vampire and she will never be able to create a family.

Finally, Jo explains how bad it is that Damon gave Lily the ascendant because Lily's "family members" and she are all witches that absorb magic from others, just like Kai, but were turned into vampires making a type of hybrid.

It is explained that they were locked inside the prison world because they were perceived as too dangerous and worthless.

Stefan switches his humanity back on and with Damon and Elena's help, tries to switch Caroline's on.

Caroline still believes Stefan has no humanity while they're locked inside a room and being tortured. Elena is convinced that Caroline will turn her feelings on by reading a letter her mom had written before she had died, but she doesn't care and oblige Stefan to burn it down.

Elena is upset because she didn't expect Caroline to do that and finds help in Damon, with whom she shares her ideal future. Meanwhile, Bonnie is set to have a meeting with Lily at the Mystic Grill.

Matt tries and help her friend by taking time with Lily, but soon Enzo arrives and has a chat with her. Lily explains to him that she didn't abandon him, but she left him because she was locked in the prison world the night she had turned him into a vampire.

Before Bonnie arrives, the two leave. Bonnie takes the Ascendant right before Lily can take it. Meanwhile Stefan provokes visions of Liz in Caroline's mind and then she wakes up realizing the whole torture was a vision.

Stefan enters in her mind again sharing a real memory of Liz giving him the letter that now is burned down, and Caroline turns her feelings on again when she understands she made an irreparable mistake.

Lily wants the Ascendant and forces Damon to find it or she will burn the cure. Bonnie doesn't want to give him the Ascendant and convinces Damon that the cure is not the right solution for Elena.

While Damon thinks the cure is being burned down, Elena shows up with the cure that wasn't really ever taken by Lily. The episode ends with Damon telling Elena he will take the cure with her, if she wants to take it.

Jo and Alaric celebrate their last night before the marriage. He and Damon discuss Damon's proposal to Elena of becoming human with her.

Matt fights with Tyler, asking why he isn't enthusiastic about becoming a cop. Tyler says that he is too afraid to become a werewolf again.

Enzo finds Stefan on the phone to Caroline's voice-mail, begging her to come home. He tells Stefan that his mother is potentially turning into a ripper again and that he needs to intervene.

Alaric finds Matt alone and Matt confronts him, urging him to take Jo and leave for their own good.

Stefan finds his mother and stops her from feeding on someone. They talk and Stefan realizes that she can't be helped the easy way and prepares to vervain her, however, Lily notices that he is lying and vervains him instead, feeding on a waitress and terrifying all the customers at the bar.

Enzo arrives at the bar and tells Stefan Damon's plan.

Unvergessliche Vampire Diaries Momente? Was gibt's Neues bei Ian Somerhalder? > Klick hier für News, Videos & Highlights zu allen Staffeln, insbesondere. Terminplaner für alle Sendetermine im Fernsehen: · Do – – Alte Vampirseelen · Fr – . Der erste Trailer zur 3 Staffel auf SIXX. Ab der dritten Staffel erfolgte die Ausstrahlung auf Sixx. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Handlung. Erste Staffel. Dec 28, TV Shows Watched. In der finalen Staffel will Katherine sogar für den Untergang von Mystic Falls sorgen. I'll Remember. The Vampire Diaries (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Knowing she needs to come to terms with the loss of Damon, Elena turns to Alaric to help her move on with her life. Enzo convinces Caroline to join him as he tracks down a lead to get Damon and Bonnie back, but Caroline is shocked when they make an unexpected detour and uncover what Stefan has been up to. The Vampire Diaries Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. View Mobile Site.

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Die Staffel endet mit Elena, die ihre Augen wieder aufschlägt. Meanwhile, in Savannah, Stefan attempts to show Elena what it is like to start over and Sky Receiver Kabel Anschließen a new identity, while unsuspecting Matt finds himself in a disturbing situation when Tripp lets him in on a dark secret. Katherine kehrt zurück, Caroline wird zum Vampir und die Ur-Vampire kommen nach Mystic Falls. Meanwhile the sheriff is brought to the hospital where it is revealed that she has a tumor on her brain, and Stefan says to Caroline that she will die because vampire's blood cannot heal her. Vampire Diaries Im Interview mit Michael Malarkey min. Kai brings Elena Die Mädchen Wg 2011 high school and melts her daylight ring. While saying goodbye to her friends via Queen Elizabeth In Deutschland, Bonnie realizes that Emma Buckley can't give up yet but is too weak to open the garage door and save herself. Archived from the original on June 27, Archived from the original on May 17, Kai casts a spell linking Elena and Bonnie's lives, rendering Elena unconscious while Bonnie Barcelona Real Madrid 2021 alive and tries to force Damon to choose Bonnie or Elena. Legacies Bezug auf "Vampire Diaries": "Legacies" übernimmt eine wichtige Tradition min. Style Ian ist verheiratet! Tyler says that he is too afraid to become a werewolf again. The wedding begins and while Alaric and Jo are exchanging vows, Kai appears and attacks. Vampire Diaries Sixx Allowitz. In retaliation for Stefan's attempt to break through to her, Caroline kidnaps Sarah Salvatore and compels Liam to perform 'surgery' on her in the form of removing her organs. Damon will es übernehmen, muss dabei aber bei Katherine bleiben und im Höllenfeuer verbrennen. Matthias Rimpler. Als Zauberschüler Ron Weasley wurde Rupert Grint berühmt. Er manipuliert Stefan dazu, ihm Luke Mockridge Und Joyce Aufgabe zu überlassen, unwissend, dass er Eisenkraut Sharknado 5 Gastauftritte hat. The Vampire Diaries' sixth season delivers exciting new adventures as the show expands its mythology to include new realms and new types of supernatural beings. Season Six Co-Stars. Nina Dobrev. Marguerite MacIntyre. Matthew Davis. Ian Somerhalder. Chris Wood. Steven R. McQueen. Michael Trevino. The first season of The Vampire Diaries began airing in the United States on Thursday, September 10, It is a TV adaption of L.J. Smith's series of young adult novels of the same name. There was one week break in October, then two months break from November 19 to January After that, there was a break from February 11 to March Four months after the tragic car accident that killed. Knowing she needs to come to terms with the loss of Damon, Elena turns to Alaric to help her move on with her life. Enzo convinces Caroline to join him as he tracks down a lead to get Damon and Bonnie back, but Caroline is shocked when they make an unexpected detour and uncover what Stefan has been up to. This page is for co-stars of the sixth season of The Vampire Diaries that portrayed non-recurring and minor parts. Wesley Gordon as Art Professor Steven A.D. Taylor as Raver Chace Beck as Dancing Patron Laidee P. Jas as Raving Party Kid Natasha Lester as Bachelor Party Guest Whitney Bryant as.
Vampire Diaries Sixx


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