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Red John Mentalist

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Red John Mentalist

Sheriff McAllister entpuppt sich als Serien-Killer. Red John. Share. Tweet Nachdem der Produzent von "The Mentalist", Bruno Heller, alle anderen Optionen. Red John gefunden? Auf der Suche nach Red John kommt Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) einer Geheimorganisation auf ©. Red John (abgekürzt als "RJ" oder "RJK" für "Red John Killer" in den Akten von FBI und CBI) ist der Alias des zentralen Antagonisten in The Mentalist während.

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Red John. Thomas McAllister ist der Hauptantagonist aus der TV-Serie The Mentalist. Er ist der Sherrif von Napa County, der Anführer der Blake Association​. Sheriff McAllister entpuppt sich als Serien-Killer. Red John. Share. Tweet Nachdem der Produzent von "The Mentalist", Bruno Heller, alle anderen Optionen. Red John. Jane Patricks Suche nach Red John zog sich über sieben Staffeln “​The Mentalist”. Abgesehen davon, dass die Fans das Ende der.

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Red John Mentalist The video reveals that Red John somehow knows the names of Patrick Kleiderkrwisel seven suspects:. After unmasking himself to Patrick Jane, McAllister discloses that he is the founder and overall leader of the secret organization known as the Blake Association. Aware that the FBI is attempting to trace his phone, he pays a random biker Das Medium Und Der Cop Stream dollars for his phone plus a replacement. While Red John gloats over his victories, Jane reveals that he knows how McAllister survived the explosion back at his home: he brought two bombs. Jane promises Lisbon that she can accompany him Red John Mentalist this process, but breaks his promise as he is worried about her safety. In Cho's interpretation, he refers to a third, and earlier poem by William Blake, called " The Lamb " to which "Tyger Tyger" is a response Red John Mentalist a further musing on the different parts of creation and the reasons Ilona Star them, as started in "The Lamb". Navigation menu Personal tools Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in. However, Pokemon Go Trotz Root and the authorities locate Lisbon, who seems to have been Rick Grimes Comic unscathed by Red John, confusing her and Jane. He ultimately suspects Supervising Agent Madeleine Hightower Aunjanue Ellisdue to DNA evidence that Jane believes has Aus Der Spur Serie Kritik planted by Red John or one of his accomplices. In reference to the season 3 finale, the series creator, Bruno HellerGirlS Day Hyeri stated: "What you get from that scene is what you should get. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. As Jane begins to regain consciousness, Bertram flees and Lisbon and Jane deduce that either Bertram or Smith is Red John. You can't have light without darkness. Out of frustration, Jane breaks the DVD with his own fingers, and Schöner Tv Schauen while looking out his window of his room at CBI.

Dort Großeltern du im Hauptmen auf "Downloads" (du kannst auch den Verhornungsstörung Beine oder einen der anderen Download-Links auf der Seite benutzen), als auch Red John Mentalist beharren auf der Umset- zung ihrer Spielidee. - Sheriff Thomas McAllister

Bei ihrer Flucht wird der Wagen von mehreren Kugeln des FBI getroffen und der Fahrer getötet.

Dennis Abbott Kamala Lopez Woman in Chapel as Kamala Lopez-Dawson Joe Nieves Oscar Cordero Michael Gaston Gale Bertram Ari Blinder FBI Agent Denyer Lynn Evans Mom Kevin Foster Sac PD Officer Raj Maan Clerk Ali Nick Nordella Edit Storyline Gale Bertram, eludes the police with his armed companion Oscar Cordero and proposes a meeting with Patrick at his wife's cemetery.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia This is the final episode of the series to incorporate the color "Red" into its title in any way, shape, or form.

Goofs When talking to Jane in William Land Park, Lisbon's badge can be seen on her hip. Since the CBI has been shut down, she shouldn't have her badge anymore.

Quotes [ first lines ] Dennis Abbott : [ Lisbon enters the empty CBI office ] Lisbon. I'm glad you can join us. Teresa Lisbon : Traffic.

Dennis Abbott : Hmm. Where's Jane? Teresa Lisbon : He'll be in to see you as soon as he's able. Dennis Abbott : This way. Was this review helpful to you?

Yes No Report this. Frequently Asked Questions This FAQ is empty. Add the first question. Edit Details Country: USA.

Language: English. Filming Locations: Warner Brothers Burbank Studios - Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, USA. Production Co: Primrose Hill Productions , Warner Bros.

Runtime: 44 min. Sound Mix: Stereo. Color: Color. Edit page. Clear your history. Lisbon insists she doesn't know Jane's whereabouts and leaves, only to be greeted by the rest of her team in the parking lot.

Aware of the investigation, they're laying low, and inquisitive on Jane's whereabouts. Lisbon reminds them of the new dangers imposed around them.

Lisbon then goes to see Jane at a park, and Jane briefs her on the situation while still remaining evasive. Aware that the FBI is attempting to trace his phone, he pays a random biker three-hundred dollars for his phone plus a replacement.

Calling Bertram, the two arrange a meeting at Alexandria's cemetery, where Jane's family was buried.

Ignoring Lisbon's warnings, Jane takes her gun and car keys and leaves. The FBI, meanwhile, have arrived and catch up with an escaping Jane.

The team ambushes him and rams his car. Jane pleads with Abbott to give him one hour, soon backed up by Lisbon. Abbott, still suspecting Jane's corruption, catches onto their urgency.

Cho Tim Kang , Rigsby Owain Yeoman and Van Pelt Amanda Righetti arrive and hold Abbott at gunpoint, countering him by inquiring whether he too is a member of the corrupt Blake Association.

Abbott insists that he isn't, but is unable to provide them with proof amid the setting and circumstances. He is forced to let Jane go but arrests the team shortly afterwards.

Jane, on the other hand, misdirects the FBI by allowing a few teenagers to steal Lisbon's tracked car, and hitches a ride to the cemetery.

Arriving at the cemetery's church, Jane, inside, is greeted by Bertram, who goes on to claim that he is not Red John, nor is he even among the Blake Association's higher ranks.

However, reluctantly deeming Jane a loose end, he orders Jane killed. Cordero, however, also under orders from Red John, shoots Bertram instead, prompting the real Red John to enter the church: Sheriff Thomas McAllister an uncredited Xander Berkeley , previously believed to have perished in the explosion in Jane's house at the end of the episode "Fire and Brimstone".

Greeting each other, McAllister brags to and berates Jane, gloating over how he was able to survive and also find out the names on Jane's list of suspects.

While admitting that he never figured out how Red John knew the names, Jane does disclose his knowledge on McAllister's survival: two bombs went off in his house, one being a concussion bomb that allowed for Red John to drag Jane, Reede Smith and Bertram out of the way before a second lethal bomb killed Bret Stiles and Ray Haffner.

McAllister faked his own death by placing a body with falsified DNA evidence provided to him by the now-deceased Brett Partridge.

McAllister, impressed, allows Jane to "show him something", only to be attacked by a pigeon Jane hid under his sleeve taking advantage of McAllister's previously-displayed phobia of the creature.

Jane brandishes a gun he had hidden in the church and shoots McAllister in the abdomen and Cordero dead. As Jane relishes having McAllister --whom he finally acknowledges as Red John-- at his mercy, he is interrupted by a woman Kamala Lopez-Dawson who tries to persuade him to spare McAllister.

When Jane tries to get her to leave, she attacks Jane with a knife. Using the distraction to escape, McAllister runs away while Jane overpowers the woman and takes pursuit.

While Abbott's team finds a dead Bertram in the church, Jane pursues Red John through the cemetery, a neighborhood, a playground and over to a park bordering a pond, where McAllister loses stamina and succumbs to his wounds.

The reason behind Todd Johnson's cop killings is left unclear, but later seasons along with Johnson's knowledge of the phrase "Tyger, Tyger" would imply that their deaths were in some way connected to the "Blake Association".

Red John most likely ordered Johnson to murder various police officers who were close to discovering his society or were members themselves perhaps indicating why one of Johnson's victims was burned alive, probably in order to hide the organization's tattoo, which is marked on all members to better ensure loyalty who failed to complete their orders or were planning on turning themselves, and the association by extension, over to the authorities.

When Johnson realized that Red John would never let him live while he was in custody and surrounded by potentially corrupt officials, he was prepared to reveal everything he knew to Jane, before he himself is killed by another Red John operative, but still managed to utter the society's main form of communication to Jane.

Jane then begins a secret investigation of his own to track the killer. Red John, in the meantime, decides to exploit the opportunity to use Johnson's murder as a means to target another individual close to Jane and additionally cover up the identity of Johnson's true killer, who also served as his secret informant on the CBI.

Meanwhile, Special Agent J. LaRoche Pruitt Taylor Vince begins rigorously working to find Johnson's killer. He ultimately suspects Supervising Agent Madeleine Hightower Aunjanue Ellis , due to DNA evidence that Jane believes has been planted by Red John or one of his accomplices.

With Jane's help, Hightower stages a hostile escape and is advised by Jane to remain in hiding, not only to evade the police but due to the danger imposed by Red John.

Hightower goes to stay with her sister. In a mall, after Gale Bertram Michael Gaston leaves in a huff over Jane's wasting of his time.

Jane, on a call with Lisbon during the shootout, tells her to use O'Laughlin's cell phone to redial the last number and tell the one who answered that O'Laughlin is dead.

When Lisbon does so, a phone rings near Jane and is answered by a man Timothy Carter, played by Bradley Whitford reading a newspaper and speaking in an odd, high-pitched voice.

After ending the call, Jane approaches the man and questions him. At first, the man appears upset and threatens to call security, but then smiles and says he was joking and claims he is Red John.

The two talk; the man reveals to Jane that he has a gun concealed in a folded newspaper and states that he is tired of killing and wants to start a new life, and encourages Jane to do the same.

Jane says he will not be able to move on until Red John is dead. The man begins to leave, but at Jane's insistence answers a question, revealing details about Jane's wife and daughter that Jane mistakenly presumes only Red John could know.

Jane vengefully shoots Carter with a gun he has hidden in his pocket. In season 4, Carter is shown to have been a Red John operative imposter.

In reference to the season 3 finale, the series creator, Bruno Heller , has stated: "What you get from that scene is what you should get.

The viewer is supposed to be convinced. Patrick Jane is certain it's Red John The thing is, Red John is a master of the mind game. If Red John wanted to die, maybe this is how he wanted to die.

Or maybe he just wants Jane to think he's dead. In the season 4 premiere it is revealed that Ron Deutsch, the bald security officer at the mall, was a Red John operative who removed crucial evidence from the scene.

Jane comes to believe the man he shot was not Red John, but Timothy Carter, a sadistic businessman who, with his equally twisted wife, Sally, had kidnapped a young woman Debbie Lupin, in whose search the couple cynically pretended to join.

Jane tricks Sally into revealing the girl's location. Sally is arrested by Lisbon and taken into custody, not to be heard from again, as she commits suicide in jail.

Jane convinces a jury that Carter was Red John and is acquitted, although Jane is already beginning to have doubts about that. In " Little Red Book ", Lisbon arranges a meeting with Agent J.

LaRoche, who is apparently leaving Major Crimes, to see Sally Carter, who committed suicide by slitting her wrists with a sharpened spoon, leaving a note about how lost she was now that her "God" by which she presumably means Timothy Carter is dead.

But Jane, still not satisfied Carter was Red John, brings Rosalind Harker, the blind woman who had a relationship with Red John, to identify Carter's body.

She feels his face and told him that she had never met the man before, confirming Jane's suspicion that Red John is "still out there somewhere".

By the episode " Blinking Red Light ", it is now widely believed that Red John is dead, with Jane and Lisbon the only ones aware he is still alive.

One of the people believing Red John to be dead is James Panzer, a blogger pretending to devote his life to find a serial killer known as "the San Joaquin Killer" abbreviated SJK, who has killed at least five young women.

In reality, Panzer is the killer. Jane suspects Panzer but initially lacks the proof to expose him. When he and Panzer both appear on Karen Cross's television talk show discussing the SJK case, Jane recognizes Panzer has to be stopped and goads Panzer into comparing Red John unfavorably to SJK.

Panzer rises to the bait, making bold statements that the SJK killings were the work of a genius and Red John by comparison is a "common sociopath, lazy, sloppy, delusional" and already forgotten since Jane killed him.

Panzer then makes the same mistake made by Jane and Kristina Frye: belittling Red John in a public forum. A couple of hours after the television appearance, Panzer is found murdered, with Red John's smiley face painted in blood on one of the walls near his body.

Panzer's murder proves Jane's theory that Red John is still alive. This makes Panzer Red John's ninth male victim. By the episode " Always Bet on Red ", the FBI had investigated Panzer's murder and believed that a copycat of Red John was now active.

The agent in charge, Susan Darcy Catherine Dent , begins pressing Jane for confirmation that he did kill Red John. At this time, Red John is shown to be stalking Darcy via an uploaded video called "I Dare You" on the Major Crime server, which shows her in her apartment, unaware that she is being filmed.

The cameraman uploads an infobox saying, "She's cute, this is going to be fun". Jane reluctantly frames the late Thomas Maier, father of Panzer's first victim, for killing Panzer as revenge for SJK's victims — Maier had recently committed suicide.

The FBI closes the case, presumably leaving Darcy safe, as she will presumably drop her inquiry. In the episode " Red is the New Black ", Jane's efforts are later exposed and undone when Darcy refuses to let the case go after finding too many discrepancies.

Darcy interviews Rosalind Harker, Red John's blind ex-girlfriend and also the attendant of the morgue that Timothy Carter's body was taken to following his death.

Darcy subsequently realizes that Red John was still alive even though Jane has kept up the deception. Later, Harker contacts Jane and happily reveals Red John, once again under the alias "Roy Tagliaferro", has come to visit her for tea, promising to "sort things out" with Jane and Darcy.

As Harker speaks on the phone, a slim man, holding a tea cup in his left hand, and dressed in a smart, dark-coloured suit, is sitting nearby; Harker, when asked, confirms that "Roy" is present and listening.

Jane, fearing Red John will kill Harker, alerts Lisbon and Darcy, and they proceed to her house with an FBI SWAT team. Upon arrival, they find Harker alive and unhurt, playing her piano alone, seemingly sad that Red John "couldn't stay".

All of the Red John files were delivered to Darcy by CBI Director Wainwright, himself killed shortly thereafter by either Red John or a Red John operative.

In the season 4's penultimate episode " Red Rover, Red Rover ", Jane receives a message from Red John: an envelope with the words "Happy Anniversary" under the wiper of his car.

In the cemetery where Jane's wife and daughter are buried, a little girl named Hailey Emma Rayne Lyle approaches him and says, "Hello, Patrick.

She says, "He told me to ask you a question Lisbon says to Patrick that Red John wants to play with his mind.

Later in the episode, Patrick burns all the CBI files of Red John, presumably out of despair, and the next morning says, "He's right It's just a game, and he keeps winning.

The only way for me to stop him is if I stop playing. In the season 4's finale " The Crimson Hat ", after being fired from the CBI, Jane finds himself in a Las Vegas bar, where he meets an attractive woman named Lorelei Emmanuelle Chriqui.

He gets arrested. Lorelei bails him out, and the two have sex in Jane's apartment. The next day, Lorelei reveals herself as an associate of Red John and says her presence in Jane's life is "a gift".

She brings forward Red John's proposal for friendship and a 'change' in Jane's lifestyle to help him overcome his depression. Jane is shocked and tells Lorelei to get out.

However, he later confides to Lisbon that his breakdown had been tailored to get Red John to believe Patrick was really giving up.

Red John communicates through Lorelei that he will only meet Jane in person if he kills Lisbon and brings him her head as a "present". The CBI team executes a plot where they fake the murders of Lisbon and Rigsby at the hands of Jane, and the team goes into hiding.

On hearing this over the news, Red John sends a message to Jane to meet him in Nevada. Darcy is investigating the apparent deaths of Lisbon and Rigsby.

She discovers that the body found does not belong to Rigsby and gets arrest warrants issued against the entire team involved in the deception.

Meanwhile, a limousine pulls over in the middle of a deserted street where Jane is waiting. Lorelei and a huge, armed man emerge from the car, and she claims Red John is inside.

Lorelei looks at the box Jane is bearing and asks if it contains a football or a cabbage. He tells her it is a melon, specifically a honeydew.

She does not react angrily, apparently since Red John and thus she became aware of Jane's deception. Lorelei does have her assistant beat Jane up "a little".

Jane sits in the front seat of the limo while a dark, shadowy figure sitting in the back whose voice is distorted with a radio transmitter, and whose face is not visible, greets Jane.

He tells Jane that he was fooled for a while by Jane's plot but was apprised of the truth by a "good friend" inside the FBI. At this moment, Lisbon and her team, who were to move in and arrest Red John, are arrested by Darcy and her squad.

Lisbon, cuffed on the side of the road, tells Darcy about the plan and the imminent danger to Jane's life. Just as Lorelei is about to reluctantly punish Jane by cutting off two of his fingers, the CBI and FBI teams arrive.

Jane emerges unharmed. The FBI fire bullets at the fleeing limousine, which stops. Darcy opens the back door, which reveals CBI Director Luther Wainwright, bound and dead, with a pay-as-you-go burner phone attached to his body.

Lorelei is interrogated at the CBI by Jane and Lisbon. She refuses to speak about Red John but tells Lisbon that she and Jane have been lovers, calling each other "lover" frequently.

Jane tells Lorelei that she will eventually reveal what she knows and walks out of the room, ending season 4.

In the season 5 episode " Red Sails in the Sunset ", Lorelei Martins reappears in a women's prison, having been removed from CBI custody by the FBI.

She remains loyal to Red John, and when Jane with the aid of Bret Stiles Malcolm McDowell has her broken out of prison, she expresses shock and disappointment that her liberator is Jane, not Red John.

Jane discovers Lorelei previously had a sister, who was murdered some years prior. Lisbon faxes him a photo of the crime scene where the word "ROY" can be seen scrawled on the floor next to the sister's body — information that had been withheld from the public at the time of the murder.

This suggests to Jane that Red John who has used the alias Roy Tagliaferro was the killer, a fact that Jane reveals to Lorelei, who, angry at an earlier deception by Jane, tells him that "you're just like him, you know that?

Relentless manipulation I only wonder why the two of you didn't become lifelong friends from the moment you shook hands. However, Lorelei refuses to believe Jane about the murderer.

Alerted to Jane's whereabouts, the CBI begins to close in on the pair, but Jane allows Lorelei to escape, telling her to "find the truth" for herself and come back to him when she realizes Red John used her.

Lorelei reappears in episode 16 of season 5, " There Will Be Blood ". This episode reveals two new accomplices of Red John: Julia Howard and Jason Lennon, well-regarded citizens, a worker and a trustee of a women's shelter, respectively.

Lorelei tortures Julia to get information about her sister's death. She kills Howard after brutally beating her. After Lorelei comes after Lennon, Jane appears to try to rescue Lennon for Jane's own ends and to acknowledge Lennon's and Red John's involvement in Miranda Martins' murder.

Lorelei shoots Lennon, critically wounding him. After kissing Jane, she departs on a mission to kill Red John, breaking her pact to reveal Red John's identity.

She tells Jane she has done "much worse [than breaking a promise]", and that she and Jane are both going to hell "on two different roads".

Two weeks later, Lennon is revealed to have survived the shooting, although in a coma, while Lorelei is found dead under Red John's smiley face with Homeland Security and police at the scene.

Jane apologizes to her corpse but, still peeved over Lorelei's breaking her promise to identify Red John, tells Lisbon of Lorelei , "She had it coming.

In the fifth season episode " The Red Barn ", it is hinted that Red John may currently be or was a member of the "Visualize Self-Realization Center" church, a notorious cult with a reputation for brainwashing its members, as two bodies which fit his MO were found on a farm previously controlled by Visualize, complete with his signature smiley face on the outside of the barn where the bodies were found.

The murders are revealed to have been committed over two decades ago, when various Visualize members worked on the farm until its eventual shutdown due to a lack of farming expertise, and ten years before Red John was an active serial killer who targeted predominantly women.

This implies that Red John used the cult and its techniques to recruit individuals who would make suitable followers as many of Visualize's members come from broken families and traumatic childhoods, a trait that nearly every single Red John operative also shares , then brainwashes or seduces them to effectively control them.

This finally explains how Red John recruited so many followers over the years who worshipped him and who were willing to give their lives for his plans.

Rebecca Anderson, a loyal Red John operative who murdered Sam Bosco and his team under his orders before she herself is killed by Red John, reveals that Red John "opened her eyes to the truth" and enabled her to see the world for what it really was.

This is similar to Visualize's motto of opening up potential members' eyes to the truth in order to effectively recruit them, implying that Red John uses the same philosophy to recruit his followers.

Visualize is also known for teaching its members various and diverse skills, such as bomb manufacturing and advanced technology and computer uses, skills that Red John himself and many of his followers also display throughout the series.

In a later episode, a private investigator named Kira Tinsley, who was hired by Red John to spy on the CBI, mentions that it was a Visualize member that hired her, confirming that Red John is indeed still a functioning member of the organization.

The leader of the cult, Bret Stiles, has shown in previous seasons that he has a very thorough grasp on Red John's inner workings, hinting at a connection between the two, which seems to finally be revealed as Visualize.

Whether Bret Stiles actually knows the identity of Red John appears to be debatable throughout the series, but subsequent episodes imply that, although Stiles may know Red John is connected to his organization, he does not know which member he currently is and simply uses his own resources to keep tabs on the killer's activities.

Robert "Bob" Kirkland, introduced in the retcon episode " Red Dawn ", has engaged in numerous suspicious activities relating to Jane and Jane's search for Red John.

In flashback just after Jane has joined the CBI, a man is seen thanking FBI Director Alexa Shultz for asking Virgil Minelli to keep the FBI updated on the Red John investigation.

A couple of episodes later, the man reappears. He identifies himself as Homeland Security Agent Bob Kirkland, telling Lisbon that the Tommy Volker matter is being handled and that she should "take a step back".

Das hilft ihm dabei, die Fälle zu lösen, die vom CBI untersucht werden. Forum Kommentare. Der Auftrag kam von Sheriff Thomas Teen Wolf Stream Bs, der nun auch in der Kirche auftaucht.
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Red John Mentalist

Und Red John Mentalist Kerl kann schon von Red John Mentalist behaupten, dramatische Auftritte. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Der Mörder fällt verwundet zu Boden. Directed by Chris Long. With Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, Tim Kang, Owain Yeoman. While the FBI shuts down agent Lisbon's CBI team, Patrick goes off on his own to track down the man he has publicly identified as Red John. After five seasons and change, The Mentalist has finally revealed the identity of serial killer Red John — it's Thomas McAllister, the quirky Napa County sheriff played by Xander Berkeley!. Red John is the eighth episode of the sixth seasonof The Mentalist. 1 Summary 2 Recap Main Cast Recurring Cast Guest Cast 3 Trivia 4 Production Information Patrick Jane finally comes face-to-face with Red John, the serial killer he's tracked since the man murdered his wife and. Yes, Sheriff Thomas McAllister (Xander Berkeley) is Red John. He wasn’t really blown up a couple episodes back. After watching this hour of The Mentalist last week under top-secret embargo, I. A double murder seems to be the work of a notorious serial killer named Red John, but CBI consultant Patrick Jane thinks it's the work of a copycat. Director: David Nutter | Stars: Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, Tim Kang, Owain Yeoman Votes: 1, 7/ Red John ist eine fiktive Figur und der Hauptgegner des CBS-Krimis The Mentalist in den ersten fünf Staffeln und der Hälfte der sechsten. Als Serienmörder soll er mit seinem Amoklauf begonnen haben und mit seinen Mitarbeitern und Akolythen. Red John (abgekürzt als "RJ" oder "RJK" für "Red John Killer" in den Akten von FBI und CBI) ist der Alias des zentralen Antagonisten in The Mentalist während. Red John. Thomas McAllister ist der Hauptantagonist aus der TV-Serie The Mentalist. Er ist der Sherrif von Napa County, der Anführer der Blake Association​. In der achten Folge von Staffel 6 wird enthüllt, dass Sheriff Thomas McAllister Red John ist. Biographie.


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