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Star Wars Rebels Episodenguide

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Star Wars Rebels Episodenguide

Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Hier sind alle Folgen der Fernsehserie Rebels nach Episodennummer aufgelistet​. 1 Kurzepisoden 2. Die "Liste der Rebels-Episoden" bietet eine Übersicht über Titel, Ausstrahlungsdaten und Inhalt aller Episoden der Fernsehserie Rebels. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1.

Star Wars Rebels/Episodenliste

Star Wars Rebels Episodenguide. In unserem Episodenguide bekommst du einen Überblick über alle Staffeln, Episoden sowie Besetzung der TV-Serie. Der Star Wars Rebels Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller 73 Episoden von Star Wars Rebels in der Übersicht. Die "Liste der Rebels-Episoden" bietet eine Übersicht über Titel, Ausstrahlungsdaten und Inhalt aller Episoden der Fernsehserie Rebels. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1.

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STAR WARS REBELS Essential Episode Guide

Star Wars Rebels Episodenguide Hier sind alle Folgen der Fernsehserie Rebels nach Episodennummer aufgelistet. 1 Kurzepisoden 2 Staffel 1 3 Staffel 2 4 Staffel 3 5 Staffel 4 6 Quellen 7 Einzelnachweise. Star Wars Rebels is an American 3D animated science fiction television series produced by Lucasfilm Animation and set in the Star Wars galaxy five years before A New takes place during the Dark Times, when the Galactic Empire is hunting down the last of the Jedi while a fledgling rebellion against the Empire is taking form. Die "Liste der Rebels-Episoden" bietet eine Übersicht über Titel, Ausstrahlungsdaten und Inhalt aller Episoden der Fernsehserie Rebels. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Kurzepisoden 2 Staffel 1 3 Staffel 2 4 Staffel 3 5 Staffel 4 KURZEPISODEN[Bearbeiten] STAFFEL 1[Bearbeiten] STAFFEL 2[Bearbeiten] STAFFEL. Star Wars Rebels is an American 3D CGI animated television series produced by Lucasfilm and Lucasfilm goldenbearbitters.coming fourteen years after Revenge of the Sith and five years before A New Hope, Rebels takes place during an era when the Galactic Empire is securing its grip on the galaxy. The following episodes of the Disney XD animated series Star Wars Rebels, produced by Lucasfilm and Lucasfilm Animation. The series takes place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, in which the Galactic Empire is securing its grip on the galaxy and hunting down the last of the surviving Jedi Knights as a fledgling Rebellion against the Empire takes shape. 5/20/ · Star Wars Rebels is an American 3D animated science fiction television series produced by Lucasfilm Animation and set in the Star Wars galaxy five years before A New takes place during the Dark Times, when the Galactic Empire is hunting down the last of the Jedi while a fledgling rebellion against the Empire is taking form. The visual style of the series is inspired by the original Category: Action Adventure Drama Science Fiction. 41 rows · Die "Liste der Rebels-Episoden" bietet eine Übersicht über Titel, Ausstrahlungsdaten und . 8/14/ · Der Episodenguide zu Star Wars Rebels umfasst 4 Staffeln mit 69 Episoden. Die Episodenliste der einzelnen Staffeln seht ihr nachfolgend. Tipp!6/10(56). Die Fernsehserie umfasst vier Staffeln mit 76 Episoden. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Übersicht; 2 Staffel 1. Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Episodenguide der US-Serie Star Wars Rebels mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. Die "Liste der Rebels-Episoden" bietet eine Übersicht über Titel, Ausstrahlungsdaten und Inhalt aller Episoden der Fernsehserie Rebels. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1.

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Die Episode "Dem Spion auf der Spur" ist die Die Rebellen erobern das Trägerschiff und Hera nähert sich ihrem entfremdeten Vater an. Fighter Flight. Trials of the Darksaber. After analyzing the data, they discover Star Wars Rebels Episodenguide Thrawn is developing a new type of TIE Fighter : the TIE Defender, which unlike other TIE Fighters, comes equipped with shields. Bail Organa notes that without the containers, there is insufficient evidence for the Senate to act, but the pictures the crew had taken can be used as propaganda to further the Rebel cause. American 3D CGI animated television series. Idiot's Array. If not, Jahresrückblick Nuhr rest of the crew of the Ghost will die. Following a tip from Hondo, the Ghost crew rescues a pair of Lasats from Imperial custody: Chava the Wise and Gron, who both recognize Zeb as Captain of Werwolf Online Lasan Honor Guard. The crew discover the commander to be former clone trooper Captain Rexaccompanied by Commander Wolffe Feuerwerk App clone commando Gregor. Die Musik im Sequel stammte erneut von John Williams, der zuvor bereits die bekannten Musikstücke der Original-Filme produzierte. However, instead of hunting Joker Live Stream the spy, Thrawn decides to wait, intending to use the spy against the rebels. February 26, Aaron Stone — Phineas and Ferb Zeke Cowboy Bebob Luther — I'm in Lele Pons Band —
Star Wars Rebels Episodenguide Die Episode "Ezras Versuchung — Teil 1" ist die Im Namen der Rebellion 1 In the Name of the Rebellion: Part 1. Property of Größtmögliche Bridger.

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Star Wars Rebels. Episodes A New Dawn , novel Servants of the Empire —, novel series Thrawn , novel Thrawn: Alliances , novel Thrawn: Treason , novel.

Kanan Jarrus. Star Wars spin-offs. The Clone Wars Rogue One Solo. Clone Wars The Clone Wars episodes cast members Rebels episodes characters Resistance The Bad Batch.

The Mandalorian season 1 2 characters The Book of Boba Fett Andor. Cassian Andor The Armorer The Client Cara Dune Jyn Erso Saw Gerrera Moff Gideon Grogu IG K-2SO Greef Karga Orson Krennic Kuiil The Mandalorian Mayfeld Qi'ra Bodhi Rook Fennec Shand Ahsoka Tano Cobb Vanth Paz Vizsla.

Lando Calrissian Chewbacca Boba Fett Bib Fortuna Bail Organa R2-D2 Luke Skywalker Han Solo Grand Moff Tarkin Darth Vader.

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Return of the Jedi. The Phantom Menace Attack of the Clones Revenge of the Sith. The Force Awakens The Last Jedi The Rise of Skywalker.

A total of 75 episodes were aired. Chopper's antics cause Ezra and Zeb to forget to carry out an important repair on the Phantom.

Hera and Sabine set out to an abandoned Republic asteroid base to retrieve supplies provided by Fulcrum, an anonymous informant whom Hera has been in contact with.

Sabine voices her displeasure towards Hera's secrecy about their mission, feeling as though neither she nor Kanan trust her.

Due to the fuel tank leaking on the Phantom , the two are left stranded on the base, which is infested with deadly fyrnocks. The two work together to survive the creatures long enough for the rest of the crew to rescue them aboard the Ghost , allowing Sabine to overcome her trust issues while Hera tells her to have faith in the growing rebellion.

Kanan tries to teach Ezra how to use the Force to make a connection to other living creatures. The rebels destroy the Empire's new prototype TIE fighter during a parade celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Empire's creation.

Ezra, who was born on the original Empire day and has turned 15, is preoccupied with his feelings towards his missing parents and opts out of the mission.

He soon discovers that his parents' Rodian friend Tseebo is wanted by the Empire, and rejoins his friends to look for him. Tseebo is found hiding in the basement of Ezra's old house, where Ezra reveals his parents were arrested for making anti Empire radio broadcasts, after which Tseebo had gone to work for the Empire.

The rebels learn that Tseebo has allowed himself to be implanted with cybernetics so he could steal information that is valuable to the Empire, though the sheer amount of information he uploaded has affected his mind.

The Rebels smuggle him off of Lothal aboard the Ghost. During the ensuing chase led by the Inquisitor, Tseebo regains his senses and reveals that he knows what happened to Ezra's parents.

Ezra and Commander Sato are captured when a new Imperial weapon—an experimental Interdictor cruiser—generates a gravity well strong enough to pull ships out of hyperspace.

Hera sends Kanan, Rex and Chopper to rescue them, using a stolen shuttle, stormtrooper armor, and Rex's knowledge of Imperial codes and protocols to infiltrate the cruiser, although Kanan's lingering distrust of Rex initially hampers the mission.

Ezra and Chopper head to the reactor to sabotage the cruiser, but Rex is captured as he and Kanan escort Sato and his crew to their shuttle. Kanan heads back to rescue Rex and they deploy an escape pod, as Chopper's sabotage causes the gravity well projectors to overload, pulling the other Imperial cruisers towards the Interdictor and destroying it.

Ahsoka informs Kanan that she's continuing her investigation on the Sith Lord Darth Vader, but finding information on him is difficult.

In the meantime, she receives word of two sets of coordinates that cross the Imperial net. She heads to look into one of them while dispatching Kanan, Ezra, Zeb, and Chopper to the other.

Ahsoka arrives at her location first, a ransacked passenger ship adrift in space, and finds signs of weapon damage all over.

The lone survivor, a grandmother, claims "two redblades" kidnapped her grandchild from her and disappeared. Ahsoka informs the team at their destination on a distant planet that the two Inquisitors are involved.

Zeb and Chopper locate the Inquisitors' fighters at the spaceport and reclaim the baby stored in one before destroying them, while Kanan and Ezra find the distressed mother of the second child.

Chopper takes the first child to the Phantom shuttle while Zeb encounters the Inquisitors on the street after relieving a fleeing droid of the second baby.

Kanan, Zeb, and Ezra discover that the children are force sensitive and were targeted by the Inquisitors to ensure they do not become Jedi.

They attempt to lose the Inquisitors through a housing block on their way back to the shuttle, but are overpowered by them. Ahsoka appears and easily defeats both of the Inquisitors while the rest escape, using the Force to jump up and join them in the shuttle as it passes overhead.

The Rebels escape, but not before one of Seventh Sister's probe droids hears Ezra saying they're going to the planet Garel.

Ahsoka, Ezra, Kanan and Chopper arrive on Malachor — a Sith world long forbidden to the Jedi — in search of knowledge, discovering a cavern containing a Sith Temple amid the site of an ancient battlefield between Sith and Jedi who used cross guard lightsabers.

They soon are attacked by a new Inquisitor, the Eighth Brother, who is hunting a mysterious hermit calling himself "Old Master.

When the other Inquisitors arrive and alert Darth Vader of their presence, Ezra convinces the group to work together in spite of Kanan's fears that Maul is corrupting his student, allowing them to finally kill the three Inquisitors.

However, Maul soon betrays the group and blinds Kanan with his lightsaber, revealing his true intentions of making Ezra his apprentice.

Although sightless, Kanan dons the mask of a fallen Jedi Temple Guard and manages to throw Maul from the top of the temple. Ahsoka finally faces Darth Vader — who has cornered Ezra and destroyed his lightsaber — and comes to terms with his identity as Anakin Skywalker as she engages him in a duel, while Kanan and Ezra remove the Sith Holocron.

Unable to abandon her old Master, Ahsoka stays within the crumbling temple and stalls Vader while Ezra, Kanan, and Chopper flee the planet and reunite with the Ghost crew.

Maul flees Malachor in one of the Inquisitor's ships while Vader, who survived the destruction of the temple, walks away as a convor watches from above and an unknown figure is briefly seen limping into the shadows.

As the Ghost crew tries to cope with their losses, Ezra continues to meditate on the Sith Holocron and finally succeeds in opening it.

Six months after the events of the previous season, Ezra leads a mission to rescue Hondo Ohnaka from an imperial prison, wielding a new lightsaber and displaying Force skills that he's learned from the Sith Holocron in the process.

Hondo's intel regards a squadron of Y-Wings due to be destroyed at an Imperial shipyard that the Rebels set out to appropriate, with Ezra being given command of the mission.

Kanan, meanwhile, is struggling with his blindness when he discovers Ezra's use of the Holocron and confiscates it, before being summoned out into the Atollon wilds by a mysterious call that proves to be from the Bendu, Tom Baker an ancient Force user who is neither Jedi nor Sith.

Meanwhile, Governor Pryce decides that the growing rebel threat requires a greater response and requisitions the Seventh Fleet, which is revealed to be under the leadership of the recently promoted Grand Admiral Thrawn Lars Mikkelsen.

The Bendu helps Kanan to realize that the Force grants him abilities that can make up for his lost sight, and on sensing Ezra's peril on the mission Kanan leaves to go help him, leaving the Holocron with the Bendu.

The Rebels manage to secure a handful of fighters but lose the Phantom after Ezra sets the shipyard plummeting, and it is only the timely arrival of the Ghost and other rebel ships saves them after Thrawn determines that they are not dealing with the entire rebel fleet and orders his forces to allow their escape.

Ezra is suspended, but expresses his gratitude to Kanan for rejoining the action while the rebels learn that the Y-Wings are to be delivered to General Dodonna 's unit.

On a salvage mission to an old Clone Wars battlefield led by Captain Rex , the Ghost crew is captured by a unit of old battle droids. Their commander, a Super Tactical Droid named "General Kalani", [46] managed to avoid the army-wide shutdown command and wants to pit his forces against Rex and the Jedi in order to conclude whether the Separatist or Republic forces are superior once and for all.

As Rex, Ezra, and Kanan battle the droids, Chopper manages to sneak away and send a distress signal to Hera and Sabine - Ezra then discovers Chopper immediately afterwards, with Chopper also having discovered a trio of intact and still-spaceworthy Nemoidian shuttles.

However, the Empire also receives the distress call and dispatches an assault force. Rex and the Jedi manage to reach "Kalani", and Ezra points out to him that neither the Republic nor the Separatists won the Clone Wars, but were in fact both defeated by the Empire.

Ezra also notes that since the Separatists were originally fighting to resist tyranny, the battle droids should naturally oppose the Empire.

Rex congratulates Ezra for doing what no Senator, Clone, or Jedi ever could: convincing clones and battle droids to set aside their differences.

Various Rebel cells begin gathering at Atollon to prepare for the attack on Lothal. However, Thrawn is aware of the Rebel plans and tells Governor Pryce and Grand Moff Tarkin that "The real performance is about to begin" and he has already planned a trap for them.

Kallus tries to warn the Rebels, but is captured by Thrawn. Thrawn traces Kallus's transmission and determines the Rebel base's location at Atollon.

Thrawn sends his fleet to Atollon, which includes two Interdictor Cruisers. With the Interdictors in orbit, it is impossible for the Rebel ships to escape and the fleet is forced to fight a losing battle against the Imperials.

Knowing that their only chance is to send someone out to summon the rest of the Rebel fleet, Commander Sato sacrifices himself by crashing his carrier into one of the Interdictors, giving Ezra a window to escape.

On Atollon, Kanan attempts to ask the Bendu for help, but the Bendu is reluctant due to its neutral role.

Kanan then accuses the Bendu of being a coward, which angers the Bendu and it disappears. In hyperspace, Ezra contacts Mon Mothma for help, but she is unable to send reinforcements due to fear of them getting caught in another of Thrawn's traps.

With no options left, Ezra decides to ask Sabine for help. With the battle going poorly, the Rebels are forced to retreat back to their base on Atollon and activate its shield generator, protecting them from the Imperial fleet's bombardment.

Thrawn responds by sending a ground force to assault the base. Ezra reaches Sabine and manages to convince her and Rau to lead a small Mandalorian force to destroy the remaining Interdictor cruiser, which will allow the Rebels to escape.

Thrawn's forces manage to breach the base's defenses, but before he can capture the Rebels, the Bendu intervenes, attacking the Imperial forces and distracting them long enough for the Rebels to evacuate, but attacks them as well.

At the same time, Ezra and Sabine manage to destroy the Interdictor. Kallus manages to escape imprisonment and ejects in an escape pod to be picked up by the Ghost crew.

The Rebel fleet then escapes. Back on the surface, Thrawn manages to incapacitate the Bendu, who warns Thrawn that it has already foreseen his defeat.

Refusing to believe this, Thrawn attempts to kill the Bendu personally, but it disappears before the shot could even hit it.

The remaining Rebel fleet leaves to rendezvous with the rest of the Rebellion at Yavin IV, and Hera promises to help Sabine and the Mandalorians on an upcoming mission.

Ezra is worried about the massive defeat the Rebellion has suffered, but Kanan points out that it is in fact a victory since they managed to escape.

He then tells Ezra that he foresees a future where everybody is free, but that they will have to fight to make it happen. The outpost turns out to be a trap to capture Sabine but they are rescued by Lady Bo-Katan of Clan Kryze.

As Bo-Katan should have become ruler of Mandalore after her sister, Duchess Satine, was murdered, Sabine attempts to give her the Darksaber but Bo-Katan refuses to accept it.

Sabine is contacted by her mother just as the Empire reveals a new weapon, the sound of which Sabine recognises. They rush to the site of the attack and find every Mandalorian warrior vaporized.

Sabine is devastated as she realises they were killed by a weapon she personally designed for the Empire, but is relieved to find her mother and brother have survived the attack.

As more Imperials arrive, Sabine and her allies are rescued by Clan Kryze, while Bo-Katan and Ezra destroy the pursuing TIE fighters.

Saxon shows a recording of the weapon's field test to Thrawn—the weapon superheats an alloy in Mandalorian armor, killing the occupant, but leaving stormtroopers unharmed.

At Bo-Katan's camp, her men confront Sabine for her role in the creation of the weapon which she named the Duchess, after Bo-Katan's sister, Satine.

Sabine convinces Clan Kryze to join her in a raid on Saxon's Star Destroyer to destroy the weapon. During the assault, Sabine is incapacitated by Saxon, who orders her to adjust to weapon to its full power.

She does so, but she instead recalibrates the weapon to target Imperial armor, which stuns the Imperial troops.

Sabine slashes the weapon with the Darksaber, breaching its power core and destroying the Star Destroyer.

At the Kryze camp, Sabine gives Bo-Katan the Darksaber, making her the true leader of Mandalore. Ezra, Kanan and Sabine arrive on Yavin 4 to join the main group of the Rebel Alliance.

Hera's squadron also arrives, having barely survived an Imperial ambush, which Bail Organa attributes to an Imperial communications relay on Jalindi.

A droid projects a hologram of Saw Gerrera , who mocks Mon Mothma for her unwillingness to go to any lengths to defeat the Empire, and Mothma angrily responds, refusing to stoop to the violence and extremism committed by Gerrera's cell.

She sends the Ghost crew on a mission to intercept the relay's transmissions. Sabine inadvertently connects them to the main channel on an approaching light cruiser, forcing Ezra to impersonate an Imperial officer—unfortunately it is the very officer who is commanding the cruiser, Brom Titus.

Sabine calls for Hera to pick them up, as they have been seen. Before she can do so, a U-Wing piloted by Gerrera arrives, picks up Ezra and Sabine, then bombs the relay dish, destroying it and the cruiser.

Hera demands Gerrera transfer Ezra and Sabine, but he jumps into hyperspace. After the Lothal rebels have taken shelter in the ancient settlement, they discover a Mining Guild ore crawler stripping Lothal's surface for raw materials passing by, and decide to hijack it to establish contact with Hera and the Yavin rebel base with its communicators.

However, the crawler's captain manages to shut down the vehicle and raise the alarm, and as Sabine works to reactivate it, Kanan and Zeb discover a number of slaves in the hull, among them Vizago, who was sold to the Guild by the Empire.

Working together, the rebels and the former slaves waylay an incoming Imperial patrol investigating the distress call and prevent the captain from destroying the crawler.

In the meantime, Hera, unwilling to wait any longer, inspires rebel command to conduct an immediate assault on the factory where the TIE Defender is being produced, and after communication is established, Ezra's team agrees to coordinate the impending assault from the planet's surface.

Hera and her assault team arrive at Lothal and begin to battle their way past the Imperial blockade, while the Ghost crew on the ground sabotage the anti-aircraft batteries to allow an unhindered attack on the TIE factory at Lothal's capital.

However, with Thrawn coordinating the Imperial defenses, the Rebel attack force is annihilated, with only a few survivors — Hera, Chopper and pilot Mart Mattin — managing to reach the surface and regroup safely.

As Hera's group attempts to slip out of the city under constant assailing by Rukh, Kanan returns to the capital to look for her, only to be stopped by the Loth-Wolf, and he asks it what he should do.

Hera manages to open an escape route, but is captured by Rukh before she can use it. Mart and Chopper are then picked up by Kanan and brought to the rebels' hideout as the Loth-Wolf watches.

With Pryce as their prisoner, the Rebels force her to give them the clearance codes to infiltrate the Imperial command center at the capital.

They seize the control room and plan to issue an evacuation order for all Imperial forces to return to the command center, then launch it into space to self destruct.

Rukh overhears the plan and warns Thrawn, who tasks him with disabling the planetary shield. Kallus issues the evacuation order and all Imperial forces enter the command center, but before they can launch, Thrawn arrives and positions his Star Destroyer directly above the city.

Once Rukh disables the shield generators, Thrawn orders the Rebels to surrender or he will bombard the city. Ezra decides to surrender to stall Thrawn while the rest of the Rebels move to reactivate the shields.

Thrawn puts Ezra in contact with a hologram of the Emperor. Meanwhile, Mart realizes the plan is in trouble, and takes the Ghost to enact a backup plan Ezra had given him by sending a signal over frequency zero to summon help.

As the Rebels fight their way to the shield generator, the Emperor tries to tempt Ezra with a promise to revive his parents.

Ezra refuses the Emperor's deal and escapes custody, while the Rebels are able to raise the shield before Thrawn can commence bombardment of the city.

Zeb is able to trap Rukh inside the generator as it activates, killing him. Gregor is mortally wounded in the fight and dies.

Ezra fights his way to Thrawn, and reveals that he arranged Mart to call the purrgil , who arrive and destroy Thrawn's fleet. The purrgil then grab Thrawn's flagship and prepare to drag it into hyperspace.

Despite pleas from his friends, Ezra decides to stay on the ship to make sure Thrawn is defeated for good, and they jump away.

With Thrawn's fleet gone, the Rebels proceed with the plan to launch and destroy the command center. Pryce chooses to stay and go down with it rather than remain a prisoner of the Rebels.

Upon witnessing the destruction of the command center, the people of Lothal celebrate, and Hera is confident that they will be able to resist any Imperial attempts to recapture the planet.

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June 23, Archived from the original on June 23, Retrieved June 23, Showbuzz Daily. Retrieved October 22, Deshalb haben wir hier für euch den ultimativen Episodenquide vorbereitet.

Einer der Gründe, weshalb die Episoden von Star Wars immer wieder durcheinander gewürfelt werden, ist der, dass die Original-Trilogie inhaltlich nach erst später produzierten Filmen ansetzt.

Begonnen hat damals alles mit den zwischen und erschienen Filmen von George Lucas. Damals noch ohne Episodennummern und unter anderen Namen.

Die Episodennummern, in Form von römischen Zahlen, wurden erst später ergänzt, als man sich für eine Prequel- und eine Sequel-Trilogie entschied.

Der Grund dafür war, dass eine Star-Wars-Comicreihe von Dark Horse erschienen war und zeitgleich Timothy Zahn eine Thrawn-Trilogie-Romanreihe startete.

Mit dem neuen Interesse und der neuen Generation stand die Überlegung ins Haus, eine Vorgeschichte zu den drei Ursprungsfilmen zu filmen, die die Episoden deutlich verändern würden und ihnen eine völlig neue Bedeutung geben würden.

Protagonist dieses Prequels war nun dieses Mal nicht mehr Luke Skywalker, sonder sein Vater: Anakin Skywalker aka Darth Vader.

Diese Filmproduktionen finanzierte George Lucas vollständig aus eigener Kasse. Im Oktober kaufte dann die Walt Disney Company das Unternehmen Lucasfilm mit allen Tochterunternehmen für 4,05 Milliarden US-Dollar auf.

Kurz darauf startete Disney dann eine neue Produktion: Die Sequel-Trilogie unter der Regie von J. Die Musik im Sequel stammte erneut von John Williams, der zuvor bereits die bekannten Musikstücke der Original-Filme produzierte.

Inhaltlich sind die Episoden von Star Wars also einer anderen Reihenfolge nach zu ordnen. Wenn man die Filme chronologisch ordnet, nicht nach Erscheinungsjahr, ergibt sich nachfolgende Struktur:.

Neben der Hauptreihe gibt es auch diverse Ableger zu der Star Wars-Saga, die zwar im selben Universum spielen, jedoch nicht der Hauptreihe zugeordnet werden können.

Obwohl Ezra und Sabine von den beiden gefangen genommen werden, können sie mit Zebs Hilfe wieder entkommen. Die Bruderschaft. Ezra ist gerade zu Reinigungsarbeiten verdonnert worden, als ihn ein Notrufsignal von Vizagos Schiff erreicht, dem er zusammen mit Chopper nachgeht.

Dabei trifft er auf den Weequay - Piraten Hondo Ohnaka , der Ezra als seinen Partner zu rekrutieren versucht.

Nach einem geplatzten Geschäft mit dem Verbrecherboss Azmorigan ist es Chopper, der die beiden aus ihrer misslichen Lage befreit. Daraufhin entdeckt Ezra den gefangen gehaltenen Vizago, dem er noch einen Gefallen schuldet, und hilft ihm dabei, sein Schiff von Hondo zurückzuerobern.

Ein Meister seiner Kunst. Nach einem gescheiterten Versuch der Rebellen, die imperiale Blockade über dem Planeten Ibaar zu durchbrechen, schlägt Rex vor, den Schiffsingenieur Quarrie aufzusuchen.

Zusammen mit Zeb und Sabine macht sich Hera auf die Reise nach Shantipole , wo sie von dem ruppigen Mon Calamari den Prototypen der späteren B-Flügel Sternenjäger zu Verfügung gestellt bekommt.

Mit diesem Schiff gelingt es der Geist -Crew, die Blockade zu durchbrechen und Ibaar mit dringend benötigten Hilfsgütern zu versorgen.

Für ihre Verdienste erntet Hera viel Anerkennung und wird zur Anführerin der Phönix-Staffel ernannt. Sabine, Ezra und Chopper werden zu einem Kurier losgeschickt, um in den Besitz von Geheiminformationen zu gelangen.

Trotz ihrer früheren Freundschaft gerät Sabine ins Fadenkreuz von Ketsu, da auf sie eine Prämie ausgesetzt ist.

Chopper rettet die Mandalorianerin, gerät dabei aber selbst in Gefangenschaft. Danach erhalten die Rebellen die Geheiminformationen und Sabine und Ketsu gehen wieder getrennte Wege.

Undercover beim Feind. Jun Sato begibt sich mit Ezra und ein paar weiteren Rebellen auf eine Rettungsmission, um vom Imperium gefangene Widerständler zu befreien.

Dabei werden sie von einem Schiff des Imperiums, das über eine neue Superwaffe verfügt, aus dem Hyperraum gezogen und geraten selbst in Gefangenschaft.

Nach einem Hilferuf begeben sich Kanan und Rex, getarnt als Sturmtruppen, mit der Hilfe von Chopper zu der Gravitationswaffe.

Die Zukunft der Macht. Nachdem Ahsoka rausgefunden hat, dass die Inquisitoren neben der Jagd auf die verbliebenen Jedi auch machtsensitive Kinder entführen, schickt sie Kanan, Ezra und Zeb nach Takobo um ein ithorianisches Baby davor zu bewahren, während sie versucht selbst ein weiteres machtsensitives Baby zu retten.

Kanans Gruppe kann Alora, die sie in der Zwischenzeit auf Takobo fanden, und Pypey retten, obwohl sie von der Siebten Schwester und dem Fünften Bruder aufgehalten werden, da Ahsoka die beiden Inquisitoren mit einem Kampf ablenken kann.

Durch einen Suchdroiden der Siebten Schwester erfährt das Imperium jedoch von der Position des Rebellenverstecks auf Garel. Das Geheimnis des Gefangenen X Nach einer Machtvision möchte Ezra mit seinen Freunden nach Lothal zurückkehren, da er dort Hinweise über den Verbleib seiner vermissten Eltern zu finden hofft.

Gerade als die Crew sich zum Abflug bereit macht, wird das Versteck der Rebellen auf Garel von einer imperialen Flotte angegriffen, sodass sich die Rebellen aufteilen müssen.

Kanan und Ezra finden auf Lothal heraus, dass die Machtvisionen tatsächlich die Zukunft gezeigt haben.

Eine Prinzessin auf Lothal. Als Reaktion auf den verlustreichen Angriff auf Garel schickt Senator Bail Organa drei alderaanische Kreuzer nach Lothal, die von dessen Tochter Prinzessin Leia eskortiert werden.

Die Schiffe sollen der Phönix-Staffel überstellt werden, ohne dass dabei der Verdacht auf Alderaan oder die Prinzessin selbst fällt.

Zusammen mit der Crew der Geist gelingt es Leia aber dennoch, die Schiffe entführen zu lassen. Der Beschützer von Concord Dawn. Auf der Suche nach einer neuen Hyperraumroute schlägt Sabine eine Abkürzung durch die mandalorianische Kolonie von Concord Dawn vor.

Ein diplomatischer Versuch, sich den Mandalorianern anzunähern, endet jedoch in einem Raumgefecht, bei dem Hera schwer verletzt wird.

Daraufhin begeben sich Kanan und Sabine zur Basis der Mandalorianer, wo Sabine den Beschützer Fenn Rau zum Zweikampf herausfordert.

Die Legenden der Lasat. Den Informationen des Piraten Hondo Ohnaka folgend, führt Ezra seine Kameraden zu den beiden Lasat -Flüchtlingen Gron und Chava.

Nachdem sie diese aus den Fängen des Imperiums befreit haben, entgehen sie knapp einem Hinterhalt. Zurück auf der Geist vollziehen Chava, Zeb und die anderen ein uraltes Ritual, um die Position von Lira San herauszufinden — der ursprünglichen Heimat der Lasat.

Von Agent Kallus gejagt, sieht sich die Crew gezwungen, eine Anomalie zu durchqueren, um ihre Verfolger abzuhängen und Lira San zu erreichen.

Die Reise der Purrgils. Auf der verzweifelten Suche nach Treibstoff begeben sich die Rebellen der Geist zu einer entfernten Raffinerie.

Als sie die Raffinerie erreichen, beginnen die Rebellen mit ihrem Übergriff auf die Treibstoffbehälter. Dabei geht Ezra eine Verbindung mit den Purrgil ein und bewegt sie zur Zusammenarbeit, sodass die Crew ihre Mission erfolgreich beenden und die Raffinerie zerstören kann.

Der Freiheitskämpfer. Die Rebellen wollen ein imperiales Trägerschiff im Orbit von Ryloth in ihre Gewalt bringen. Hilfesuchend wendet sich Hera an ihren Vater Cham Syndulla , zu dem sie schon seit Jahren keinen Kontakt mehr hat.

Es kommt zu einem Interessenkonflikt, da Cham als Anführer einer Widerstandsgruppe das Trägerschiff symbolträchtig zerstören will.

Während des Einsatzes wendet er sich zunächst gegen Hera und ihre Gruppe, sieht aber letztendlich ein, dass sie zusammen stärker sind.

Die Rebellen erobern das Trägerschiff und Hera nähert sich ihrem entfremdeten Vater an. Bei der Erkundung einer orbitalen Baustelle nahe Geonosis gerät die Crew der Geist in einen Hinterhalt von Agent Kallus.

Zeb wird von der Gruppe isoliert und liefert sich einen Schlagabtausch mit Kallus. Dabei besteigen sie eine Rettungskapsel und stürzen gemeinsam auf dem Mond Bahryn ab.

Angesichts der Bedrohung durch aggressive Kreaturen sehen sich Zeb und Kallus gezwungen, ihre Differenzen hinten anzustellen und zusammenzuarbeiten.

Trotz aller Rivalität kommt es dabei zu einem gegenseitigen Verständnis. Verborgene Dunkelheit. Da die Inquisitoren in der Lage zu sein scheinen, jeden Schritt der Rebellen vorauszuahnen, reisen Kanan, Ezra und Ahsoka auf der Suche nach Antworten zum Jedi-Tempel auf Lothal.

Dabei muss Kanan seine Selbstzweifel überwinden und gegen Tempelwachen kämpfen, ehe er zum Jedi-Ritter geschlagen wird. Ahsoka erfährt vom Schicksal ihres früheren Meisters Anakin Skywalker und Ezra begegnet bei einer Machtvision der Gestalt von Meister Yoda, der ihm rät, Malachor aufzusuchen.

Kurz darauf wird der Tempel von den Inquisitoren gestürmt und später von Darth Vader begutachtet.

On September 2,a second trailer for season four was released during a panel at Fan Isle Of Dogs Trailer in Canada, and the date for the season's premiere was announced as October 16, The series premiered as a one-hour television filmSpark of Rebellionon October 3,on Disney Channel Kinder In Europa to the Zoosendung Heute of the series on October 13 on Disney XD. Angriff auf die Rebellenbasis 1.
Star Wars Rebels Episodenguide

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The Honorable Ones.
Star Wars Rebels Episodenguide
Star Wars Rebels Episodenguide


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