Bitters Ritual Cup

Bitters Ritual Cup

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RITUAL CUPS, made exclusively for Golden Bear Bitters by Justine Le of Pot & Shrooms in Oakland, California.

We met Justine while participating in a pop-up shop at REI in Berkeley featuring women makers. The rustic and earthy feel her technique of exposed marbled clay was exactly what we were looking for when considering a vessel to offer. To us, these ritual cups symbolize the connection between earth, herbs and wellness.

Pour sparkling or still water into your ritual cup, add 10-15 shakes of Golden Bear Bitters, sip and savor.

<ritual cup size is approximately 4 ounces/118 mL>

These cups were hand thrown (on the wheel) using a marbling technique mixing dark brown and white clay. Each cup is hand trimmed individually to expose the marble pattern. After being bisque fired, the interior was covered with a ‘Randal Museum White’ glaze. The cups are then high fired in a gas kiln, making them more durable and food/drink safe. 

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