Summer Drink Box

8 fl oz. Summer Botanical Tonic Syrup

4 fl oz.  Hyssop Honeycomb Bitters

Summer Recipes!

Make our signature summer cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. 

Summer Botanical Tonic Syrup is released at the beginning of the summer season. With this bitter, bright and herbal concentrate, you can make your own seasonal tonic water or bitter herbal drink by mixing 1:5 ratio with club soda or sparkling water. Use our botanical tonic syrups in place of simple syrup in any cocktail recipe for an herbaceous bitter flavor.  

SummerTonic uses pungent herbs, flowers and bitters stalks - cardoon, dandelion, yarrow, wild sages, mint, lemon verbena, hyssop, and 4 types of citrus.

Hyssop Honeycomb Bitters 

The greenery and blossoms of hyssop officinalis and lavendula angustifolia grown on our homestead farm in Carmel Valley together with wild herbs and whole raw honeycomb reveal the complex trinity of flavors between herbs, flowers and bees.

Flavor Profile


Enjoy these bright, citrusy, and verdant bitters in your daily drink rituals.

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