Spring Drink Box

8 fl oz. Spring Botanical Tonic Syrup

4 fl oz.  Big Sur Citrus Bitters

Spring Recipe Book!

Make our signature spring cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. 

Spring Botanical Tonic Syrup is released at the beginning of the spring season. With this bitter, bright and herbal concentrate, you can make your own seasonal tonic water or bitter herbal drink by mixing 1:5 ratio with club soda or sparkling water. Use our botanical tonic syrups in place of simple syrup in any cocktail recipe for an herbaceous bitter flavor.  

Spring Tonic uses new roots and young green shoots of dandelion, wild sage, wild strawberry leaves and flowers, lemon balm, calendula, California bay laurel and 4 types of citrus.

Big Sur Citrus Bitters harness the sunshine and grandeur from the Big Sur coastline. Our citrus is grown on a mountain top overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We use six different varieties of fresh citrus peels combined with evergreen aromatic leaves. These versatile bitters are different than most other citrus bitters in the market, we do not use hard spices like cardamom, clove or allspice. Enjoy these bright, citrusy, and verdant bitters in your daily drink rituals.

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