Bittersweet Syrup

Bittersweet Syrup



8 oz. makes 8-16 drinks

Enjoy the cumulative support that bitter herbs can bring to your daily drink rituals.

Red clover is the herbalists ‘prized herb’ valued for it’s alkaline properties, blended with soothing fresh chamomile (grown in our homestead garden), organic rhubarb, and organic dandelion root.

Drink with the seasons!

Flavor notes: tart, honey, fresh cut grass, apple.

Health notes: high in minerals, digestive, cleansing and soothing. 

Mix 1 ounce with 4 ounces of sparkling water.

Use in cocktails like French 75, Clover Club, Daiquiri, Gin Rickey, Whiskey Sour and more.

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