We let the environment and the season guide our flavors and ingredients. 




Our ingredients represent the special terroir of the California coast. Herbs, fruit, and flowers are harvested and processed within days to bring the ultimate potency and flavor to our products. 

All of the other ingredients we use: glass bottles, organic non-GMO cane sugar, spirits and labels, for our bitters and tonics are made in the USA.



 California native Katie Shea founded Golden Bear Bitters in 2015. Katie grew up in the Salinas Valley in a home her parents built and named 'Casa de Osos', house of bears. Cultivating her early interest in plants, native habitats and farming, she pursued an agriculture degree at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, which led to work over the past 15 years in organic farming, herbal remedies, and the product development in the food and beverage industry. 


artist illustrations

 Emily Underwood is our neighbor and friend. Emily is inspired by the landscapes that surround her and everything that lives and grows on them. She creates art to convey her enthusiasm for the natural world. Follow her studies on Instagram